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Simple operation

All machines are equipped with special automatic control system, possess high reliability. The buttons are printed with functional pics; the showing pics can be decided by the client to choose Chinese or English, which simplifies the language barrier. The operation is simple.

Pattern storage ability

The internal storage can store up to 250 patterns, and the max. stored stitches can be over 1 million, the capacity is large enough.

Embroidery supplement function

During embroidery, due to broken lines etc., a machine may omits to embroider and retreats; for normal patterns, the retreating stitches are not limited; but for combinations, the retreating may come back to the starting point of the normal patterns.


In embroidering, simple moving may be needed with high speeds and various positions to simplify the supplements.

Pattern rotation and condensation and enlargement

The pattern may rotates 360 degrees with 1 degree as the unit, clockwise or counterclockwise. The pattern may be condensed or enlarged horizontally or perpendicularly. Also the enlargement or the rotation priority may be chosen. ?

Internal pattern display
The patterns are visible, a convenient advantage of pattern choice and output.
Pattern edition
The patterns may be edited and handily operated.
Data display
For common embroidery, data can be chosen for large characters to meet different needs.
Pattern combination

Multiple patterns can be combined with different sizes, rotations, directions, positions to form a new pattern.

Embroidery sides

The sides and center cross may be embroidered and fixed 99 straight line patterns for convenience.